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Gotta Get Away lyrics


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     Gotta Get Away
    >> Offspring
        I'm gettin Edgy
    All the time.
    There's someone around me
    Just a step behind.
    It's kinda scary,
    The shape I'm in.
    The walls are shakin'
    And they're closing in.
    Too fast or
    A bit too slow
    I'm paranoid of people
    And it's starting to show.
    There's one guy that
    I just can't shake
    Over my shoulder
    Is a big mistake.
    Sitting on the bed
    or lying wide awake.
    There's demons in my head
    And it's more than I can take.
    I think I'm on a roll
    But I think it's kinda weak.
    Saying all I know is
    I gotta get away from me
    I tell you something
    Just ain't right.
    My head is on loose
    But my shoes are tight.
    Avoiding friends 'cause
    They all bug.
    Life is like a riddle
    And I'm really stumped.
    If you reason,
    Don't you know
    Your own preoccupation
    Is where you'll go.
    I think I'm being followed,
    I look around
    It's only my shadow
    Creeping on the ground.
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